I am not sure if it is just because people get so many Linkedin “inmails” or because people are so busy they do not really pay full attention, but recently I have noticed so many people writing back to my emails saying something along the lines of ” thanks but no thanks” when reading an email from me.

That email actually asks if they know anyone suitable for a role that I am recruiting for at the time, and is designed not for them to know who is actively looking for a new sales role (because let’s face it, when you are looking for a new job how many people do you actually tell?) but for them to let me know who they respect, who they think is a good operator, who they think has the relevant experience to succeed in a particular position.

I am curious to see how many of my connections read this post and can let me know how many inmails they receive per day, week, month etc. Maybe it is simply that they get so many “unsolicited” from recruiters so often that they just presume that my email falls into the same basket?

In Brisbane especially, the market is so small. I must use the “its a small world” line almost daily when talking to clients and candidates alike. Everyone knows everyone in Brisbane and I would bet my last cent that realistically someone would know someone else suited for a particular challenge.

Networking is everything in my opinion in recruitment, and I am constantly looking to grow my network, not for immediate commercial gain, but to simply have wider coverage of the market place and there are plenty of reasons why I am looking to always meet new people, half of my connections I have never done business with but simply have a professional friendship with.

Please let me know the frequency of emails, and whether those emails are directly targeting you personally. I am curious to learn how people like to be communicated to and whether they do actually presume a lot of the time re content of the email.

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