Linked In Profiles and CV’s HAVE TO MATCH!

I cannot tell you the number of times I see Linkedin profiles that are NOT up to date. If you have relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane and you are applying for a Brisbane based position, do not leave your Linkedin location as Melbourne.

Personally, I am not going to speak on behalf of the recruitment industry as a whole but I will quite openly admit to checking people’s Linkedin profiles prior to opening their CV. Essentially, in this world that we live in, everyone knows everyone, and Linkedin is a fantastic platform for being able to check who you have in common with someone.

A massive turn off for me personally is when CV’s and Linkedin profiles do not match. The titles are different, the dates are different etc. In this day and age, your Linkedin profile is ESSENTIAL when looking for a new challenge, and even if not, if you are going to be headhunted, your Linkedin should be up to date. Linkedin is basically a digital onscreen version of your CV and must mirror the same information, any in discrepancy will only cause a lack of trust and concern amongst recruiters and hiring managers.

On the same subject do not send out of date CV’s. So many people send me a CV and it will say “to present” on their CV. They may have left that role 3 months prior but because it is their last role they leave it on there. It is not accurate and not true and I do not encourage it at all.

Honesty is the best policy with Linkedin and CV’s because with Linkedin, we can see people who we share and we can refer to them about you and your history. If the facts are not correct then it will come out and it only damages your application. For example:

“I see Mr X worked for you from 2016 until March 2018”

“No, that’s not correct, he hasn’t worked for me for over 18 months”

It simply plants doubt in my mind and means that the probability of receiving a call is far less.

In essence, up date your Linkedin and CV at the same time. Make sure they are identical. Don’t have “to present” on there if you are not employed there anymore. Don’t be afraid to put “actively looking for my next challenge” on your Linkedin profile – it will result in more approaches.