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  • George Gallantree

    When I set Sterling up over 5 years ago, I was constantly asked: “What is that makes Sterling different from every other recruiter out there?” My sole response was that I would be blunt, totally transparent and tell people the truth always, even if that truth might hurt.

    Now, five years on, the one thing I hear constantly is that people are grateful for my candour and outright honesty when working with us.

    I remember an interview that I had

  • The_Truth
    George Gallantree

    I am not sure if it is just because people get so many Linkedin “inmails” or because people are so busy they do not really pay full attention, but recently I have noticed so many people writing back to my emails saying something along the lines of ” thanks but no thanks” when reading an email from me.

    That email actually asks if they know anyone suitable for a role that I am recruiting for at the time, and is

  • George Gallantree

    I know it is Queensland summer, at times over 37 degrees, sun blazing down, but I cannot EVER understand people’s inability to understand the importance of looking sharp for an interview. Not only is the old adage of “first impressions count” true, my opinion is that if worst came to the worst and you were ever questioned on your attire, you can always explain why you dressed “up” but there is simply no way back if the client is wearing

  • George Gallantree

    I cannot tell you the number of times I see Linkedin profiles that are NOT up to date. If you have relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane and you are applying for a Brisbane based position, do not leave your Linkedin location as Melbourne.

    Personally, I am not going to speak on behalf of the recruitment industry as a whole but I will quite openly admit to checking people’s Linkedin profiles prior to opening their CV. Essentially, in this world that